Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Embrace and Experience EVERYTHING

This is a prayer I seem to pray for others, but fail to live for myself. I love to embrace things I like and love to experience wonderful things. But what about when life goes terribly wrong? Are we as eager to embrace difficulty and trial? Can we find joy, even as we experience pain?

This is the first I've written in many, many months. Various trials in life have stiffled my ability to get words to paper. Yet in the stillness of my new and longer commute (yeah - didn't want that either), there seems a lot God is speaking to me and its time to start sharing these messages again.

My "book" (uh huh) was entitled, "Learning to be Content in a Live You Didn't Choose". God's got a lot to teach each of us on this topic. Its easy to be content when things are going well. But can one find contentment when EVERYTHING in life is appearing a polar opposite to what you'd hope and planned?

Someone reminded me many months ago... "We get so frustrated when all we've hoped and dreamed seems to be slipping from our grasp. But God has promised more than we can ask or imagine. Why then, are we so determined to be limited by our own imaginations?"

Can you grow in trust of God enough, to really be satisfied with ANYTHING he allows into your life? Will you believe him enough to embrace everything, not just the good stuff? Will you open your heart and mind to experience everything, be fully in it, each moment, without trying to escape or control it?

Chew on these... and stay tuned...

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